- Our Sunday service is filled with many different waves -

First Wave 

Good Coffee & Open Mike

Everyone is welcome to use their voice to pray for others in community or ask for prayer

Second Wave 


We provide breakfast from local cafe's and restaurants and give out clothing, socks, razors

Third Wave 

Worship and the Word

 As a community we seek the presence of God in worship and a hear a message bringing God's Word to life 

At House of Hope church God speaks to every class and group of people in a way that everyone understands and it is our goal and aim to continue to preach across every spectrum – from the rich to the poor. Preaching in a way that everyone is spiritually fed.

We have found that those who make it through every wave - from the free coffee (with real cream and milk!) to the spiritual food of the message- it becomes evident to all of us – that their hearts have opened up to the possibility that God has a purpose for their life.