​On Wednesday evenings we have a men’s support group for guys ages 17+. Coordinated by Pastor Francis Kaiser and Khan Prak (who has been a part of our church from the very beginning!),  vision for men's group is to reach and welcome all men including some of the most broken men in our city who might feel like they don't belong anywhere – especially the unchurched.

We hope that through testimonies, the Word of God and community more men will see   God's transformation in their lives that and be empowered to lead with passion and hope. We want the men in our church and Lynn to know what it means to be men of God. 

“Men's Group is a place for young and older men can come together, with all kinds of backgrounds and all types of despair and joy, and break bread. We break bread spiritually and physically by eating hot dogs(legit hot dogs) and we break bread through the prayer we share for one another and we break down the Word of God in a way we can really understand it. You come as you are and we have a good time; at times we go to the movies, or go out to eat together. At the end of it all we are brothers, uncles and fathers to each other.”​