Outreach at Brother's Table!

​Two of the most important aspects of our church is outreach to the incarcerated, to the homeless, and to those living out the street life of addiction.

A majority of the people we reach out to are coming out of or involved with all three aspects of this. Our city has many homeless that fall into these categories. 

 In Lynn there are only 27 beds available and those who don't have a bed often stay outside – these are often the ones that walk up the stairs of our church.

That is why its important in our outreach efforts that we build relationships, listen, nurture, provide snacks, socks,-- meeting basic human needs—but complimenting that with sharing the gospel and living it out

At House of Hope we believe in taking the church to the streets. We want our church to be present on the streets with the homeless and we want the homeless to be present and active in our church.

As St. Francis stated we should preach the gospel all the time and sometimes use words.

Wednesday is our big outreach day- we do intentional outreach at Brother's Table, the local soup kitchen in Lynn. We  build new relationships, invest in current ones, invite people to church, and hopefully pray over them as we leave. 

Homeless Outreach